Grossman Counseling
Phoenix Office: 2345 E Thomas Rd, Ste 360
Peoria Office: 9460 W Peoria Ave, Ste F
Mesa Office: 1136 E Harmony Ave, Ste 205
Casa Grande Office: 123/125 N Florence Blvd
Tucson Office: 1701 W Saint Mary's Rd Ste 124
MAIL: PO Box 14948, Scottsdale AZ 85260
PHONE: (602) 468-2077 FAX: (480) 609-9552
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General Information Number: 602-468-2077
FAX: 480-609-9552
Mail: PO Box 14948 Scottsdale, AZ 85260

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Jon Grossman ( Clinical Director) 602-410-6637
Phyllis Grossman (Administrative Director) 602-410-6635
Davin Grossman (Clinical Therapist/ Administration/ IT) 623-337-0960

Phoenix Office Location: 2345 E Thomas Rd. Suite 360, Phoenix AZ
Primary Therapist: Ashley Huffman 623-414-8077

Peoria Office Location: 9460 W Peoria Ave. Suite F, Peoria AZ
Primary Therapist: Brianna Snell 602-829-0563

Mesa Office Location: 1136 E Harmony Ave. Suite 205, Mesa AZ
Primary Therapists:

Dee Sutton 602-386-9189

Gila County Evening/Weekend Juvenile Resource Center:
Primary Therapists:

Payson Center/Globe Center:

Toni Metzler 602-586-8896

Casa Grande SMB Program: 125 N. Florence St., Casa Grande AZ
Primary Therapists:

Peter Tumolo 602-338-0336

Trina Hart 602-503-1573

Therapists Cell Phones:
Abrianna Colossio 602-419-1569
Glen Festin 602-334-0364
Trina Hart 602-503-1573
Ashley Huffman 623-414-8077
Carol Jernigan  602-459-0455
Alisha McGady 602-600-8809
Toni Metzler 602-586-8896
George Moredock III 602-332-4220
Diana Galvan-Munoz 602-529-0121
Drew Pease 602-350-9030
Jeffrey Schill  602-626-0882
Andrea Schmitz  602-503-1561
Erica Sims 602-358-6481
Brianna Snell 602-829-0563
Hassie Soto  602-521-2993
Dee Sutton  602-386-9189
Andrea Thomas  602-394-6043
Richard Thomas  602-833-9418
Peter Tumolo  602-338-0336
Holly Williams  602-419-1463

Angie Zarzano 602-474-6520



Ilan Grossman (Website Administrator)

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